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Special Effects Art Shoppe - 35 Years and counting

Special Effects was begun as an in-house business in 1982, the object was to create a “hobby business” for the founder. In a small way, Special Effects developed into a retail, commercial, and decorator business, and became a full retail operation in 1989. With the help and input of many suppliers related to the art, framing, and retail sales world, Special Effects Art Shoppe was established in the Village Inn Centre in Grimsby , where it remains today.

The underlying message in the creation of Special Effects was quality. Quality in business practices as a whole, quality in purchasing, and most importantly, the utmost quality in all aspects of art and its framing.

First and foremost, the interest of the customers has been established as the priority. Personal service has been the mainstay in dealing with the customers.

There are no favourites, the small job will receive as much care and attention as the large one. The end result has to be total satisfaction. Each and every framing job must enhance the image presented to us and not be done to a “decor mode”. This means we will fully explain our methods and reasons for doing what is “best for the image”. Allowing the finished piece to be placed in virtually any environment and remain comfortable there. Special Effects and its entire staff have been fully trained to observe not the obvious, but to dig into and under the subject matter to find the true blend of matting and framing components. This has perhaps been the key to our success as we will listen to our customers’ wishes, but may not always agree with them in their choice for colour combinations.

Time and effort pays well. We have always maintained that all of our customers will not leave the premises without an education in the “art of framing”.

Special Effects is now a “family business”. The founder’s son, after several years of training, purchased the business in 2001; having spent 11 years within the financial industry has also given him valuable insight into the business world.


Same detail, Same quality, Same interest.





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